Birth and Family

Roll 2d6. On a 12 you are illegitimate

The Family
Who raised you?
Roll 2d6 and consult the table below

2-5 Two Parents
6-8 One Parent
9 Aunt and Uncle
10 Older Sibling (1-3 Sister, 4-6 Brother)
11 Grandparents
12 Orphanage

Roll 1d6-1 to determine how many siblings you had. Roll an additional d6 for each sibling to determine if they were older or younger (1-3 younger, 4-6 older)

Roll 2d6 and consult the table.
2 Ariel
3-8 Caliban
9 Alonso
10 Asteroid Belt or Deep Space
11-12 Miranda

Birth Circumstances
Roll 2d6 and consult the table.
2-3 At Home
4-8 In a Hospital
9 In a Foreign Land
10 While Traveling (1-2 In a car, 3-4 On a Ship, 5-6 On a Plane)
11-12 An Exotic Location

Birth – Exotic Locations
Roll 2d6 and consult the table.
2 In a prison cell (Indicates your mother may have been incarcerated)
3 In a temple
4 In an office building
5 In a back alley
6 In a brothel (Does not necessarily indicate that your mother was a prostitute)
7 In a palace
8 On a Spacecraft
9 In a bar
10 In a Criminal hideout
11 In a sewers
12 In a scientists research laboratory

Unusual Birth Circumstances
Heroes often have strange events surrounding their birth. Roll 2d6 and consult the table.
2-7 No unusual Events
8 one event
9 one event – GM Chooses
10 Two events
11 Two Events – GM Chooses
12 Three Events

Birth Events
Roll a d66 and consult the table below. Reroll any duplicates.
11 – A person of note died in the vicinity when you were born. Character may be blamed for the death or believed to be a reincarnation of the deceased.
12 – Exotic Toxic Waste is dumped very close by.
13 – Mother died in childbirth
14 – Due to complications, the character almost died in childbirth. The doctors are amazed that you lived. Gain 1 Endurance
15 – Due to complications, the character’s twin dies in childbirth
16 – Character’s father believes that he/she is the child of another man (whether true or not)
21 – Character has an identical twin. Roll a d6 and on a 6 he was separated at birth. Roll another d6 and on a 6 he/she has a completely, almost opposite, personality.
22 – A family member died the day that the character was born. He may be blamed for the death or believed to be a reincarnation.
23 – Seasonally unnatural weather occurs. Blizzards in summer or heat spells in winter.
24 – Character is hidden away to prevent others from knowing of his birth.
25 – A seer declares that the child will be afflicted by an ancient family curse upon reaching adulthood. Every year he may have a tragedy occur (5-6 on a d6)
26 – The sky darkened when you were born. At night the moon and stars were temporarily blocked out.
31 – Character was put up for adoption on birth
32 – Character is born with serious physical defects. Doctor’s replace it with Bionic replacements.
33 – Infant character was left to die (perhaps left in a trash bin). Character is subsequently raised by foster parents who adopt him.
34 – Character has a fraternal twin.
35 – Character was born after a tragedy. People may believe your birth was related to the tragedy.
36 – Character is born with an unusual Birthmark
41 – At birth the character is fitted with an experimental symbiotic organism. This functions as a Bionic.
42 – Character’s mother tried to kill the baby immediately after birth. No justification was given at the time of the behavior.
43 – Character is one of a set of identical triplets
44 – Character was born immediately after something wonderful occurred. Superstitious people may associate the child with this event.
45 – Character was born with strong psionic powers. Gain 3 Psionic Power
46 – A mysterious stranger bestowed a Gift on the character at birth. Character was part of an unusually large natural birth. Roll 1d6+1 to determine the number of siblings.
51 – Character was born during a war.
52 – Character was born during a rebellion.
53 – Character was born during an Eclipse.
54 – Character was born during a famine.
55 – Character was born during a Radiation Storm
56 – Character was born during a journey.
61 – Character was born during a Holiday.
62 – Character was born during an attack.
63 – GM Rolls on Special Table
64 – GM Rolls on Special Table
65 – Character is the end product of genetic experimentation to create a super being. Roll a d6 for each attribute and on a 5-6 add 1 point. This increases the racial maximum.
66 – Roll two more times on this table.

Birth and Family

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